Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Family Update--Kyran's Birthday!

We had a great time with Kyran's birthday party! This is the "rainy season" here in Mozambique, which means we've been getting rain about 4 days per week for the last couple months. Kyran really wanted to go to the beach for his birthday, so I prayed it wouldn't rain on the 28th and that was answered! It was a lovely, sunny day, and everyone who didn't wear sunblock came home a little too rosy (don't worry, the kids were thoroughly protected!).
There's a family working at the same base we used to, with Iris Ministries in Dondo, that have a little boy who just turned 5 and a little girl who is 3, so just about the same ages as our kids! They've really hit it off, so we invited them to share the day with us. It was great because it also gave us adults some time to talk. They seem to struggle with a LOT of the same things we did when we were there, so it's been good to try to give them advice and help them along. But boy, are we glad we're not there anymore! Anyway, so Kyran and friends had fun, he requested a very American kid meal of chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese, so I obliged. 

I think our time in Malta last year influenced his request for a boat cake! He originally suggested that it "look like the Next Wave" (the ministry ship my parents work with), but I was able to talk him down to a simple sailboat 

​Both kids are enjoying Kyran's "biggest" birthday present: a kitten! Our first family pet (if you don't count the two goldfish we had in Rolla). He has been asking for a cat for months now, and when I asked what he wanted for his birthday he repeated, "A cat!". A fellow missionary happened to have a litter of kittens she was trying to get rid of at just the right time, so we agreed to take one. So far "Methuselah" has hit it off well with the Reinagel clan! 

​I'm not actually sure where Kyran heard the name from, we just recently went through the Genesis Bible stories in our homeschooling, but our book just hit the highlights and skipped over the genealogies so he wouldn't have heard it from me. I think it's funny though, since he was the longest living person mentioned, and cats are supposed to have 9 lives! (In Mozambique the superstition is that they have 7 lives, which makes sense... they probably don't last *quite* as long here as they do in more developed countries).

We've been busy trying to actually settle into our apartment, which is taking far longer than I would have liked. The previous tenants still have most of their stuff and furniture here, they were supposed to come get it this week but now the wife is sick so it's being postponed again... So we have 2 fridges, 2 stoves, and 4 a/c units crowding our relatively small apartment, but we hope to get rid of half of them soon! It'll be nice for everything to be truly ours finally. 

And if you didn't see it on Facebook already, we OFFICIALLY got our residency cards today! What we couldn't do in 3 years last time, we accomplished in 4 months this time. That feels good. 

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